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Landmeco Poultry Feeding Systems

SKIOLD LANDMECO, a part of SKIOLD, is Scandinavia’s largest producer of poultry equipment. SKIOLDLANDMECO is based in Ølgod, Denmark, where we have designed and manufactured our products for more than 40 years. It is our history. From the very start, our ambition has been to create products that not only are good for the birds, but also are functional and reliable and provides our customers ‘good value for money’. We do this by working closely together with our customers, by thinking smarter, and by always striving for a better solution.

Pan Feeding Kick-off 330°

The Kick-off 330° gives a far greater assurance for a better start as it automatically overflows all pans 330° creating superior feed access to all chicks in the house. The Kick-off 330° combined with the unique design of the pan, which presents the feed in the chicks’ eye level, offers an availability of feed which has never been seen before.

LANDMECO has the patent on the 330° solution, where the specific design of the pan utilizes the momentum of the feed to create an automatically overflow on the outside of the pan 330° making the feed easy accessible and visible to all chicks from day 1.


The illuminator highlights the feeding pan and a concentrated area around the control pan with a broad-spectrum light. This attracts the birds to the control pan and encourages maximum feed consumption. It leads to optimum filling of all pans in the system. As much as 240° of the last two pans are illuminated at minimum 10 lux.

Functionally & visually designed to be an integrated part of the line.
Easy to connect to the control box in new or existing installations.
Low power consumption.
Very easy to clean & disinfect, with no hidden cavities or dead spots.
Illuminator causes no restriction to the movement of birds under or around the feeding pipe.
The power of the Illuminator is balanced in intensity, in order only to attract the birds in proximity of the control pan, causing limited eye stress due to excessive intensity.
Comes complete ready to install with bracket, cable ties and gland.
Vide beam angle – 180 degrees due to the clear housing design.

Safe Connector

What would you say if we told you that LANDMECO now has patented a new product, ensuring that all the feed lines in your house are straight, that your pipes are not turning and on top of it all, that you can actually mount the pipes without any tools and without any risk of incorrect installation?

It sounds too good to be true, we know, but it is not. All these great features are gathered in one amazing product.

We call it: The Safe Connector.

Safe Connector


The LANDMECO Calori-Air heating system is specially designed for use in poultry houses or other types of livestock housing in which there is much dust and/or high heating requirements. The heater ribs are therefore more widely spaced than is normal for similar heaters. Also, the fan has a total of 10 blades, ensuring that the Calori-Air is very quiet.

Exceptional output

Heating surfaces are designed on the basis of the latest heating surface technology, and thus extremely efficient in relation to element size.

Easy cleaning

The fan unit is hinged on the heating element so it can be swung completely open. This allows easy access to the heating surface and housing for cleaning purposes. The widely spaced ribs of the heating surface also facilitate cleaning.

LANDMECO Calori-Air heating system

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