Breeder Cage Systems

The Layered Breeder cage systems for poultry farming are available in 2 Tier.

The layered breeder cage systems have proved extremely successful with excellent production and fertility results. Flocks are easily managed in large compartments with a perch running down the length longitudinally. The compartments are 3m long and are supported every 1,5 meters.

  • High stocking density
  • Better flock management
  • Clean hygienic eggs
  • Minimising cracks
  • Quick efficient manure removal
  • Low ammonia emissions
  • Improved bird health and hygiene
  • Better feed conversion
  • Minimal labour requirement

Fully automatic travelling hoppers or automatic chain feeding.

The drinking system has two drinking lines per compartment with four stainless steel LUBING nipples with drip cups per side using header tanks or pressure regulators.

1mm Polypropylene belting is used to transport manure smoothly to the row ends, depositing onto an interlocked cross and incline conveyor.

Egg handling can be manual or automatic. Eggs roll out gently onto the collection belts and are transferred onto the manual egg elevator, separating soft shells and then transferred onto an automatic egg rod conveyor or tables for manual collection. Producers can opt for manual collection.