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Broiler Floor Systems

Dynamic Automation offers a wide range of broiler options to suit the needs of farmers in all areas and climates. Dynamic Automation has partnered with some of the world’s leading poultry brands and can offer a range or world class drinking, feeding and ventilation solutions.


Landmeco Pan Feeding

The patented pan feeding solutions from Landmeco increases growth rate and makes it more homogeneous and more efficient. With the unique design of the pan the chicks will learn correct feeding behaviour from day one and the chicks will grow faster, hitting their target weight in less time, which makes the whole operation more profitable for you. The patented solutions from Landmeco also secures an optimization of the performance and operational reliability through simple robust designs that always make a difference.

The system stimulates the chicks’ curiosity and collectively activates them to seek fresh feed. Experiments have thus shown, that chick bodyweight is up to 30 g higher than normal after the first week, when the kick-off system is used.


Lubing Drinking Systems

Lubing’s drinking systems for broilers offer the most effective and precise water delivery required to satisfy the needs of birds of all ages. The FeatherSoft nipple design incorporates cutting edge technology that is a result of more than 70 years of experience. FeatherSoft nipples offer precision movements that allow easy triggering from any angle for fast starts and optimum water flow at every age.
With more than 70 years experience and 400 million nipples sold worldwide, Lubing clearly stands as a world leader in poultry drinking technology, 3 Billion chickens world wide can’t be wrong.

Skov ventilation

Skov Ventilation

Dynamic Automation is a proud distributor or Skov ventilation products. Skov is a leading supplier of poultry climate control and ventilation products. House climate is important for animal growth, and the animals will not give optimum yield unless several parameters are in order. SKOV supplies ventilation systems for all production types and climate conditions, meaning that a SKOV system ensures the best climate for your animals.

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Dynamic Automation Broiler Floor Systems

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