A-Frame Cages

The cost-efficient Mk II A-frame cages are widely used, from the small rural farmers to the large commercial egg producers. The system is robust, built using high-quality materials. Mk II A-Frame layer cage system for poultry farming is available in 2 – Tier, 3 – Tier and 4 – Tier.

Manual, semi automatic (push) traveling hoppers, fully automatic traveling hoppers or automatic chain feeding.

Stainless steel or plastic LUBING nipples with drip cups are internationally accepted, are trouble-free, durable, no wearing parts, simple and reliable water supply, continuous fresh drinking water, no cleaning necessary,  maintenance-free. Header tanks or pressure regulators with flushing facility.

A-Frame Systems: The Mark II A-Frame Layer Cage System and Mark II A-Frame Rearing Cage System can either have manual manure removal or manure handling can be automated using a pit scraper system. The pit scraper is manufactured using heavy-duty materials and hot-dip galvanized to prevent corrosion due to ammonia in the manure. A heavy-duty drive and tail unit drives the 8mm cable.

Egg handling can be either manual or fully automated. Eggs roll out gently onto the collection belts and are transferred onto the egg elevator, separating soft shells and then transferred onto an automatic egg rod conveyor or tables for manual collection. Power requirement is minimal, reduces egg handling, minimizes cracks and downgrades.

The A-frame layer system can be automated as and when required. Installation is quick and efficient. Spare parts for these A-frame cages are available off the shelf.

All of Dynamic Automation’s layer cages are 100% manufactured in-house in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa and are made using the highest quality products and because we manufacture all our own cages we always have spare parts available and can offer expert technical advice.