Broiler Cage Systems

Dynamic Automation’s highly economical broiler cage systems offer farmers a highly profitable broiler solution. All Dynamic Automation’s broiler cages are 100% developed and manufactured in-house in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa using the highest quality materials and technologies.

Advantages of Broiler Cages:

Soft and flexible polypropylene floors adjust automatically to the body of the bird, preventing breast bruising and the floor is kept clean by way of specific perforations keeping birds clean and healthy and eliminating the need for shavings.

The birds are automatically transported out of the system by a conveyor and an elevator. The Manure is transported out of the system with a special manure conveyor, fabricated out of polypropylene and there is a separate manure conveyor belt under each tier of the system.

There are two Landmeco feeding pans per section and water is brought into the broiler cage systems using high-quality Lubing drinking systems. Houses are equipped with world-class Skov climate control and ventilation systems.

  • Increased Number of Cycles per Annum
  • Better Hygiene
  • Lower Mortality
  • Better Feed Conversion
  • Increases Labour Efficiency
  • Reduced Cleaning Between Cycles
  • 2.6 Times More Birds per House, Compared with the Traditional Broiler Houses
  • No Shavings Required
  • Better Meat Quality, Due to Special Soft Floors
  • Easy Manure Removal
  • Highly Profitable due to Realisation and High Meat Quality

* We can design & supply solutions for existing or new project, specific to your requirements.